“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.”

Arthur Ashe
Keltie with a Great Horned Owlette


“Earlier this year we decided our mission for our Back to Nature Photography business was to “give back to nature” by donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that preserve or rehabilitate wildlife. It’s amazing the opportunities that have come our way since deciding this – like the fostering of 8 great horned owlets this year! Yes we are truly blessed ” Keltie Masters

At Back to Nature, our mission is to give “back to nature”.  As photographers, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the preservation and conservation of wildlife, because we believe every effort makes a difference.  Here are a few of the organizations that your purchases help us support.

Cochrane Ecological Institute

As a small Community business, there are a number of other businesses that we support, patronize and don’t hesitate to recommend to our friends, families and clients.  If you are need of their specific products or services, please check out our friends and fellow businesses.

Branch Market