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Portrait of a Mountain Goat
Mother's Tutelage
Back at You
Frosty Blanket
Mini Me
Nature's Pruning
Winter Stroll
The Thrashing
Eye of Innocence
Big Horn Portrait
The General
Two Amigos
A Scent is in the Air
Woodland Shadows
Beauty in the Willows
Morning Stroll
Frosty Willow
Territory March
The Polishing
Jewel of the Rockies
Summer Adventure
Eyes of Curiosity
The Golden Hour
Mule Deer Buck
Nature's Crown
Passing Through
Mother's Watchful Eye
Mountain Goat
Rocky Mountain High
Evening Scent
The Enforcer
Call of the Rockies
Bison Cow _ Calf

"Sometimes I arrive, just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter."

Ansel Adams